Silicone Rubber Extrusions

Continuous lengths, Intricate profile shapes

Silicone Rubber

Continuously extruding uncured silicone rubber through a die to form a desired, uniform, cross-sectional size and shape. Please have the following information available:

Our Capabilities
Complex shapes of silicone rubber consisting of different properties such as conductive and non-conductive segments, high strength, heat resistent, flame retardant or color coding. Specifically custom designed to eliminate multiple extruded components by combining different elements into one unitized design. Quick turnaround and cost-effective tooling preparation for your proprietary needs. For engineering assistance and more detailed information, please contact customer service.

Custom Extruded Silicone Rubber Products
• Wide variety of compounds in our portfolio that meet industry specifications
• FDA approved
• Flame-retardant
• High-strength
• Variable elongation
• Color-matching services
• Variable duro
• A variety of curing systems
• Splicing for continuous seal applications
• Cut to length
• Manufacturing allows for integrated application of PSA (pressure sensitive adhesives)
• Linear and angle cutting

"U" Channels

"L" Strips

"U" Channel with Bulbs

"D" Bumpers/ Ext. Dock Bumpers

"P" Strips

"H" Channels

"E" Channels

Half Rounds

Wing Bumpers

"T" Shapes

Bumper Strips

Rectangular Bumpers

Extruded Solid Bumpers


"C" Channels

Circular Channels

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