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From the President

gus_moralesAs the founder and president of Gusco Silicone Rubber, I am proud not only because of what we are—namely, an expert in silicone rubber fabrication—but also because of the attitude that shapes our company. This attitude is summed up in two words, "customer focus." Our attention to customers and their real world products drive everything we do. We do not settle for less than the best when creating solutions for each individual customer situation, even if that means going "outside the box." Quick turn around? Yes. High precision dimensional standards? Of course.

We're not just a manufacturer, we are our customers partner. As a result, Gusco Silicone Rubber customers don't have to make compromises in choosing us—and they come to enjoy the many advantages of our intensely customer-focused culture. This is why we are gaining momentum with established local area companies—and why they continue to fuel our growth through referrals and additional business. I encourage you to learn more about GUSCO Silicone Rubber, and I look forward to learning how we may best serve you.


Gus Morales

Gustavo "Gus" Morales

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Silicone rubber fabrication: extrusions, molding and compounds.

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